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How to Bring the Bridgerton Craze to Your Wedding

The lavish world of Bridgerton has captured the hearts of many with its opulent settings, stunning fashion, and romantic plots. If you’re a bride dreaming of a wedding that channels the elegance and grandeur of Regency-era London, you’re in for a treat. Here’s how you can incorporate the Bridgerton craze into your wedding planning for […]

Eco-Friendly Wedding: How to Say ‘I Do’ to Sustainability

Hey there, lovely brides-to-be! As you embark on your journey to tying the knot, why not make a conscious choice to say “I do” to sustainability? Your wedding day is not only about celebrating love but can also be about making meaningful choices that positively impact the planet. At Bridalise, we’re passionate about helping you […]

Veil visions

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Veil Length for Your Wedding

Veils are like the cherry on top of a stunning bridal ensemble, adding that final touch of elegance and charm. But with so many options available, from short and sassy to long and dramatic, how do you choose the perfect length for your big day? Fear not, dear brides-to-be, for we’re here to guide you […]

The Leap Year Proposal: Why Women Can Propose?

As the calendar flips to the 29th of February, a peculiar tradition awakens—a day when the ordinary rules of courtship are suspended, and women don the mantle of proposal. This leap year phenomenon has intrigued generations, sparking curiosity and romance alike. But why, you may wonder, does this curious custom exist? Let us delve into […]

Detachable Sleeves: A Versatile Addition to Your Wedding Dress

Welcome to the world of detachable sleeves! This trend has been gaining popularity among brides who want to add a touch of elegance and versatility to their wedding dress. In this article, we will explore the current trend for brides wearing detachable sleeves and how it can transform your wedding day look. A Versatile Addition […]

Let’s Make Sure You Have A Cinderella Moment?

Let’s talk shoes. We all know the famous line “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!” Is this the reality? Let’s explore the 3 types of Bridal shoe buyer. 1. The “It’s my day and I’ll wear my dream shoes no matter what” Bride Money is no object! You have […]

7 Secrets To Stay Cool At Your Gloriously Hot Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is often the dream. Sunshine, flowers and dancing the night away with the backdrop of a perfect summer evening.  What most couples don’t consider is how to keep cool during this summer extravaganza.  Our top tips will make sure you worry less about melting away and will surely look picture perfect from […]

You’ll Be A Stunning Bride Whatever Your Body Shape

Hello and welcome to the June edition of our blog. This one is dedicated to your body shape and what style of dress will suit it best. We all have our idea of what our dream dress should look like, whether it’s one of those things you’ve been thinking about since you were a little […]

British Bridal Boutiques – We Want To Work With You!

Did you know? The average wedding creates enough toxic carbon dioxide to fill more than 20 hot air balloons! However, bridal parties are becoming more eco-aware in their choices. In the 2018 National Wedding Survey, 39% of engaged couples said they were making sustainability a priority in their wedding plans. A new company is tapping […]

Proud To Support Fantastic Charity Womens Aid

Hello again everyone! At Bridalise we wanted to use our platform to support a charitable organisation. We wanted to focus on an organisation that supports women who may not be as lucky as our brides.  So, through Work for good, we are supporting Women’s Aid! Why did we choose to support Womens Aid? Women’s Aid […]