21/07/2023 in Top Tips

7 Secrets To Stay Cool At Your Gloriously Hot Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is often the dream. Sunshine, flowers and dancing the night away with the backdrop of a perfect summer evening.  What most couples don’t consider is how to keep cool during this summer extravaganza.  Our top tips will make sure you worry less about melting away and will surely look picture perfect from the moment your dress is fasted to the moment you take it off.

RULE NUMBER 1 – Choose Your Dress Wisely

Some dresses can be heavy because of the material or number of layers. Remember choosing something lighter weight keeps you cooler and much less likely to sweat.

If you follow the current trends anything with a thigh split is ideal. A simple lightweight design gives the perfect blank canvas to add your own creative flare so you will outshine the sun.

RULE NUMBER 2 – Set Your Makeup

If you do not set your make up you run the risk of it melting, dripping, becoming patchy or smearing.

Heat + Make up + hugging + emotions = HAVOC

A professional makeup artist will have the perfect product in her arsenal but if you are a self-taught make up guru, a good quality setting spray or powder will be essential. Take time to touch up your face as the day goes on ensuring you will look radiant from dawn till dusk.

RULE NUMBER 3- Keep your hair up

Having goddess like long locks is a wonderful feature but NOT on an already hot day. Especially when you add to the mix, a dress, shoes, make up and of course all the festivities and dancing. 

RULE NUMBER 4- Don’t wear a bra

You shouldn’t need a bra because most dresses offer hidden support. If you do need one opt for cotton as it is far more breathable than some of its nylon, polyester counterparts.


Make sure these are breathable. Sandals are perfect to avoid your feet swelling in the heat and will help to avoid blisters. 

RULE NUMBER 6 – Use cooling body and face products

Body lotions, sprays, moisturisers and even make up is available with cooling elements so you feel more comfortable for a long day. All the required hugging and dancing is only going to make you hotter.

RULE NUMBER 7 – Don’t be blinded by all the love …Utilise the shade and indoor spaces!

Take advantage of your venues air conditioning system. Find a beautifully shaded spot under a draping willow tree for photos. Don’t be embarrassed to find the shade on a glorious day, especially if the champagne is flowing, alcohol can drastically change how your body adapts to the heat and we don’t want any of our blushing brides in a melted heap on their special day.

Summer weddings are definitely worth the extra planning to work WITH the weather rather than it working against you. Summer is the most popular season for weddings by far. Brides all over the world brave the heat to say “I Do”, if you follow our simple 7 steps to summer you will undoubtably have the best heatwave wedding there is.

“ A perfect summers day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and we are getting married.”