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  • Aimee Plain Collar.

•EU (UK) SIZE – 36 (UK 3) to 42 (UK 9)
•Colour – Ivory
•Heel Height – 73mm
•Fabric – Satin



Aimee From Perfect Bridal Company


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Aimee From Perfect Bridal Company

Introducing Aimee: The Ultimate Bridal Shoe

For a truly show-stopping bridal shoe, look no further than Aimee. This exquisite shoe is based on a classic two-part court shoe, but it’s the exquisitely embroidered satin ankle cuff that really makes this statement shoe stand out.

Unparalleled Elegance

The ankle cuff is intricately embellished with teardrop and round diamante, soft pearls, and delicate silver seed beads. This attention to detail not only makes the ankle cuff look incredible but also ensures it feels unbelievably comfortable. The cuff can be tied to fit the ankle perfectly, providing both style and comfort for your special day.

Versatile Style

The Aimee shoe also comes complete with a pair of plain ivory satin ankle cuffs, giving you two different looks in one. This versatility allows you to change up your style for another occasion, making Aimee the perfect investment for any bride.

With its stunning design, comfort, and versatility, Aimee is the ultimate bridal shoe that will make you feel like a princess on your special day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your bridal look with Aimee.